Macielle Betances

Macielle is a Community Architect who occupies a variety of spaces. She uses her love of words and language to evoke emotional and spiritual growth through writing workshops as well as her community based reiki healing circle Reiki + Chill™. Her love of communication knows no bounds, she’s produced podcasts focused on connecting women entrepreneurs, written in many local digital publications in South Florida, and has produced and starred in packages for the likes of The Weather Channel exploring the South Florida culinary world. As a Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner she helps others uncover the healer within themselves, and strives to create welcoming gatherings where everyone from all walks of life can arrive and feel at home. Macielle believes through connected wholehearted living, we can change the world.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki pronounced Ray-Kee,

 as an official definition, is an alternative healing modality with

Japanese and Tibetan origins that is transmitted through

the palms of a channel who has been attuned

to the sacred energy of Reiki. It works thoroughly, and is an 

all-knowing, ever perfect, and love in the 

purest form with the capacity to know

exactly what you need and lends itself to heal the physical and energetic body. 

Reiki + Chill™

Reiki + Chill™ is my love letter to the world. It was

birthed in the depths of my vessel during a time where

the world collectively grieved and forcefully shed 

itself of falsity and in this change we found ourselves deeply

isolated. And so I reached out

and the community reached back and embraced me.

Together, we’ve built a community that chooses to 

hear one another, chooses to show up for one another 

regardless if they are meeting for the first time.

The community found a home,

and I’m proud to hold and offer, one and all, a piece of serenity.

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