Macielle Betances

was born in New York City, and moved to Miami, Florida as a child. From an early age this Afro-Latina loved food. As a child to Dominican parents she learned how food could bring people together. As much as she cherished the magic traditions of cooking, her relationship with food has always been a complicated one. Macielle struggled with food and nutrition for all of her childhood, through her teenage years, and into her twenties. 

A determined young woman in the hustle, she was led into the restaurant industry by her passion for creating moments which bring people together, and the demands student life. She learned the art of bartending, and began earning her bearings in the industry from server, to bartender, trainer, and restaurant manager. 

Macielle’s passion for food, led her to hosting intimate dinners and parties for friends, where she has the pleasure of hosting, cooking, and preparing signature cocktails. While that may seem like a nightmare to some, Macielle simply thrives in this energy.  

She can be seen any given day hosting the Food & Booze show for the Local Now, a lifestyle app owned by The Weather Group, LLC. In which, Macielle visits Miami’s newest eateries and bars, and samples the best cuisine while interviewing the artist making it all happen in the kitchen.

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